26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Towards Sustainable and Complete Life Cycle Processes in Industry

Organizers: Se Ryeon Lee, Energy Research Team Leader, PPG, Allison Park, PA; Kristin Nuzzio, Formulation Sciences Group Leader, PPG, Allison Park, PA; Chad Landis, Formulation Sciences Research Associate, PPG, Allison Park, PA

This session aims to highlight the successes and challenges of implementing closed loop systems within industrial manufacturing applications. “Closing the loop” in product manufacturing and commercialization requires innovation in many areas, from sustainable raw material sourcing and efficient manufacturing and/or application processes, to disposal and/or adaptation of recycled materials into another product cycle. Examples of efficient and sustainable material sourcing and manufacturing could include energy savings, water reduction, solvent reduction, and lowering CO2 emissions. Examples can also include processes to recycle or repurpose end of lifecycle products.

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