26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

What kind of products can be submitted?

We are inviting submissions from start-ups & early-stage companies through established B2B and B2C brands.

  • The product should be market-ready, if not already on the market, and product samples should be displayed as appropriate.
  • Submissions need to specifically demonstrate a green chemistry and/or engineering approach; it is not sufficient to have a sustainable product.
  • Please remember that green chemistry is not environmental chemistry. The focus should be on the design of the product.
  • You must provide sufficient justification of why it is greener (e.g., metrics,third-party testing, certifications, etc.) with an overview of the chemistry when possible.
  • We would like B2B companies to bring an example(s) of the end consumer product. For example, if you create biobased plastics, bring an example of its application. The product showcase should be “hands on”.
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