26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Developing Products for a More Sustainable Future (Invited Presenters Only)

Session Organizers: Kristina M. Knesting, SC Johnson; Kaj Johnson, Method/Ecover

Formulating high performance consumer products using green chemistry approaches requires the development of innovative, effective constituents that possess reduced toxicity, the potential for ready degradability after use, no potential for bioaccumulation, and an overall increased sustainability profile. This session is intended to provide a forum to share case studies and success stories of how green chemistry approaches resulted in the commercialization of more sustainable ingredients used in formulated products.

A few of the ideas to be addressed include:

  • Descriptions of raw material innovations and how these are formulated into products
  • Compelling examples of creating value through innovation that enables you to bring sustainability performance along with it
  • Examples of how trends in ingredient disclosure, e.g., P&G and Unilever fragrances, is driving product development
  • Examples of how life cycle thinking can be used in product development to enhance positive benefits passed on to consumers
  • Examples of how changing regulations in the EU and other countries chemicals legislation worldwide positively influences product formulation choices
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