26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Integration of Greener, Process-Friendly Approaches for Monitoring Reactions for Pharmaceutical End-Game Chemistry

Organizers: William P. Farrell, Assoc. Research Fellow, Pfizer, Inc., San Diego, CA; Michael B. Hicks, ARD, Merck, Kenilworth, NJ; Christine Aurigemma, Sr. Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Inc., San Diego, CA

Process chemistries intended for scaling up to line-of-site manufacturing can benefit from improved analytical approaches that eliminate the need for reaction sampling. A variety of progressive tools and techniques, such as in-line, at-line readings; high-throughput miniaturized measurements; or in-process and real-time results, all aim to improve process control while reducing waste. This session provides examples of successful applications of in-line analysis, as well as the potential for miniaturization technologies to transform impractical techniques into viable, green manufacture-ready approaches.

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