26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Tag: safety

Making your undergraduate chemistry labs greener and safer

Organizers: Kendra Denlinger, Xavier University; Ralph Stuart, Keene State College

This session will discuss ways to design and develop curricula that infuse greener chemistry and safer chemistry throughout the chemistry curriculum, especially in the teaching laboratory. These techniques span a broad range, from small projects or short safety moments to new laboratory experiments or entire course offerings. This session will bring together experts in the areas of both green chemistry education and chemical safety education to identify and take advantage of technical and cultural opportunities for greener and safer undergraduate chemistry education. Attendees will learn about emerging strategies and tools to help students in their undergraduate courses understand both green chemistry and chemical safety as fundamental parts of their science education.

Safety: A Pillar of Green Chemistry

Organizers: Chris Nawrat, Sr. Scientist, Merck; Kevin Maloney, Director, Merck

Chemical safety is defined as the practice of using chemicals in a manner that ensures the safety and health of humans and prevents damage to the environment. Therefore, safety is an integral part of green chemistry to the extent that green chemistry is safe chemistry. This session will explore the safe use of chemicals in academic, industrial, and governmental labs focusing on several key components of chemical safety: scientific knowledge about potential hazardous effects, technical knowledge of safe-handling and use procedures, design of safer chemistry, design of less hazardous chemical synthesis, and waste prevention.

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