27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Teaching Workshop: Incorporating the New ACS GCI Green Chemistry and Systems Thinking Modules Into Your Undergraduate Teaching

This half-day workshop will, a) Introduce workshop participants to the general format of the new ACS Green Chemistry Institute teaching modules and describe at least one module in detail, b) Guide participants through the planning process for including one or more modules in their general or organic chemistry course curricula, and c) Encourage feedback from participants concerning their anticipated impediments to implementation, module concepts that do/don’t fit well with their curricula, and positive/negative first impressions.

Participants should be instructors of organic and/or general chemistry. The workshop will guide participants through the process of reading, understanding, and adopting one of the newly launched ACS GCI green chemistry teaching modules. Goals will include helping the participants familiarize themselves with one or more content modules through discussions and guided inquiry/brainstorming. We will also ask participants to think about what aspects of the modules they are/aren’t comfortable with: concepts, appropriateness for their curriculum, timing, activities, etc. Participants will work to customize the modules to one or more of their individual classroom requirements and/or content gaps. A checklist for implementation will be provided, and participants will leave the session with specific, achievable tasks/goals that they can take back to their home institutions.

Proposed agenda:

  1. Discussion and description of the module development process.
  2. Discussion, description, and group activity that facilitates more detailed knowledge of a chosen (in advance) module that relates to the participants’ instructional needs.
  3. Group activity for developing a “reasonable” lesson plan that accounts for variations between instructors concerning number of teaching hours per week, class size, etc.
  4. Discussion of perceived positives/negatives of the module, based on the lesson planning process.
  5. Brainstorming session (all together or in groups) for customization that addresses the concerns listed in step four.
  6. Development of a personalized checklist for future implementation.


Dr. David Laviska, ACS Green Chemistry Institute
Dr. David Constable, ACS Green Chemistry Institute

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