26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Commercial Applications of Biobased Monomers for the Polymer Industries

Session Organizer: Sharon Papke, Head CAS NAFTA Advocacy and Business Support, Covestro, LLC

There has been a great deal of focus on biobased material development, and much of this focus has been by the biobased material providers describing their efforts in developing possible raw materials for commercial use. This session takes the biobased development to the next step, with presentations covering the actual use and incorporation of biobased materials in commercial applications. We seek papers that demonstrate manufacturers incorporation of biobased chemicals and materials, including the actual applications. This session would begin with presentations, followed by a panel discussion with a combination of biobased producers and industrial manufacturers discussing the next steps for developments and innovation. Questions we will address during the session include: What are the main drivers for biobased chemicals and polymers? What are the chemical or engineering challenges that need to be overcome to increase use of biobased materials? Are there particular applications where biobased material fit, and why? What does a collaboration model look like for biobased materials? What are the current chemical and process engineering challenges in furthering the use of biobased materials?

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