26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Innovations in Analytical Chemistry Applications to Enable Greener Process Design

Organizers: Christine M. Aurigemma, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer; Michael B. Hicks, Merk; William P. Farrell, Pfizer

The implementation of sustainable process analytical chemistry tools is a cornerstone in the development of robust chemical processes. The development and implementation of green and sustainable chemical processes for production of clinical candidates is already well-established as requirements for maximizing a pharmaceutical company’s overall environmental, safety, and cost benefits. Of equal importance are the various in-line and on-line applications used to support or solve problems related to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing at the plant scale. In response to industrial pressures to increase speed to market and the quality of new products, companies are steadily shifting towards early optimization through continuous improvement and innovative approaches to sample handling, sample transport, process efficiency, and safety concerns within medicinal chemistry, development and manufacturing. This includes the implementation of newer and greener process analytical tools and applications for optimizing process control while minimizing environmental impact. Modeling approaches, process analytical technologies, and spectroscopy advancements are examples of areas of potential impact. The goal of this session is to present innovative solutions for transforming process chemistry to more sustainable analytical and process chemistry synergy by initial design.


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